River9ja is not just a brand it is a lifestyle.As individuals from a diverse cultural geographical territory even across the globe. Various attempts have been made towards integration and nurturing the spirit of patriotism over the years. 

However it is the intention of River9ja Global to facilitate this integration through this social platform, being aware how powerful the media has come to be in our today’s world.

iver9ja will not only connect but celebrate and promote our compatriots, fellow Africans and blacks around the world from the grassroots upwards.

Now, it is not just enough to stress over the problems of disunity, but rather it is time to celebrate and showcase the success on how far we have come and where we’re headed.

Nigeria can continue to be the success story she was meant to be to the world at large, but hey let’s not get all serious now, we’re here to establish connections of a lifetime and facilitate the process of socialization.

You’re the Hero of your own the Story !!!


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